Our Expertise
Financial Communications

Porda Havas provides comprehensive promotion and marketing solutions for client's initial public offering, including Hong Kong and Mainland capital markets. Porda Havas provides tailored communication and promotion plan for clients during initial public offering: 

  • Formulate an overall public relations strategy
  • Media monitoring, crisis management
  • Act as the news center for media inquiries as well as press release distribution
  • Provide professional training, focusing on media handling, presentation, and other professional skills
  • Design marketing collaterals
  • Organize investor conferences, press conferences, listing ceremonies and listing dinners
  • Corporate website optimization
International Roadshows

Porda Havas offers a full range of global offering promotions, publicity, and distribution activities for our clients. Joining forces with experienced partners around the world, Vision International Roadshow Co., Ltd, a Porda Havas subsidiary, is committed to providing a full range of professional international roadshows and promotion services, including:

  • Co-ordination of international roadshows
  • Itinerary preparation
  • Venue coordination
  • Hotel accommodation arrangements
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Investors luncheons
  • Video conferences and arrangements
  • Promotion material preparation
  • Technical support for satellite video conferences
  • Summarize and organize roadshow conference materials
  • Photography and video post-production
  • Non-deal roadshows
Financial Printing

Powell Financial Press Company Limited, a Porda Havas Group subsidiary, provides a full range of financial printing services, including documentation planning, graphic design, desktop publishing, translation, proofreading and printing for:

  • IPO prospectus publications
  • Annual and interim reports
  • Corporate brochures
  • Bond issuance circulars
  • Circulars to shareholders
  • Environmental, social and governance reports
Investor Relations

Porda Havas provides outstanding investor relations services for clients. Applying timely and effective communications, we help investors understand more about corporations, and increase investors' loyalty, ensuring the market value of companies. Porda Havas provides tailored investor relations services include:

  • Shareholder identification
  • Establish and update of investors' databases
  • Arrange investors' luncheons, annual general
  • meetings, extraordinary general meetings, Board of
  • Directors' meetings, and other related events
  • Disclosure of corporate information
  • Collect research reports
  • Investor perception audit and analysis
  • Investor site visits
  • Manage an investors' liaison and enquiry desk
  • One-on-one meetings with institutional investors
  • Monitor of corporate websites and instant updates
Media Relations

Close relations with the media are essential in order to establish a positive image as well as increase transparency, public understanding and investment interest. Porda Havas makes use of its solid international and local media network to help companies respond to market news efficiently, and customize promotion plans to create a positive media image. Our media relations services include:

  • Media monitoring
  • Organize press conferences and media briefings, drafting and distribution of press releases
  • Management interviews
  • Multi-media promotions
  • Media tours and luncheons
  • Stock commentators dinner and tours
  • Handle media enquiries
  • Media training
Events Management

Porda Havas has extensive experience in brand promotion, event planning and execution. We hosted the first Hong Kong International Entrepreneurs Festival, along with Internet Financial Forum and other international events. We are experts at linking social hotspots with industry trends as well as planning and arranging creative and large-scale professional promotional events.  Here are some of the successful events we have organized:

  • Luncheons, banquets and cocktails
  • Fashion shows and art performances
  • New product launches
  • Investment fair
  • Seminars and forums
  • Various industry conferences
  • Signing ceremonies
  • Charity events
Corporate Branding

Porda Havas has integrated with the advertising resources of Havas Group (HAV.PV) – Havas Media to take advantage of their unique global network and local knowledge. Havas Media is a leading world-class, 4As advertising and planning agency, as well as the major agency for Fortune 500 enterprises.

Advertising Planning

We have integrated with the Havas Group (Euronext listed company HAV.PV)'s advertising arm– Havas Media to take advantage of their unique global network and local knowledge. Havas Media is a leading world-class, 4As advertising and planning agency, as well as the major agency for Fortune 500 enterprises.

Crisis Management

Porda Havas offers crisis management service for corporations and social communities. We help clients respond to short-term internal and external challenges and prevent negative public opinions from developing to the long term. Porda Havas monitors news about clients by establishing a solid crisis prevention system; we promptly identify potential risks and initiate comprehensive solutions with the cooperation of senior management. Our professional approach ensures that the integrity and reputation of a company remains intact.  Our crisis management services include:

  • Crisis management mechanism
  • Media monitoring
  • Crisis prevention
  • Crisis evaluation
  • Formation of a crisis management team
  • Formulate crisis management programs
  • Execute emergency measures
M&A Advisory

Porda Havas is a leading global financial communications advisor of the AMO group and has established extensive partnerships with financial communications agencies across Europe and other markets. Backed by our global network, we help clients look for M&A targets, conduct overseas research and handle relations with local government, regulators and media.


AMO is the world's leading partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies employing nearly 900 communications professionals and 47 offices across 26 countries. AMO provides one-stop financial consulting services for overseas M&As and other transactions in global capital markets.