Closer Together: Union of Best of China and Israel At The 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit (Hong Kong)
Latest Update:
26 th June, 2017


All events of the The 3rd China-Israel Investment Summit (Hong Kong) (the "Summit") has been successfully held on June 25-26, 2017. The Summit, organised by INNONATION, and hosted by INFINITY Group, the Youth Innovation and Development Alliance ("YIDA"), and The Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau, attracted over 120 Israeli innovation start-ups and companies, and more than 300 investors from Hong Kong and China.

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Facilitated by the Chinese and Israeli governments, the Summit has brought the peoples closer in terms of economic relationships and provided a unique context for cultural exchange. It was also a rare opportunity for both parties to meet, understand their respective needs, and discuss business potential that will transcend international borders. An informal meetup was held on the night of June 25 at Mettā Hong Kong, giving investors and company representatives alike a chance to communicate and mingle in an informal setting.


Mr. Zvi Heifetz, Israeli Ambassador to China, said on the Summit, "I'm glad to see so many dominant figures and representatives are present together to find opportunities to invest in Asia, and I believe that China and Israel are not competitors, but a great match of strategic partners – to cooperate with each other, and provide ultimate and long-term benefits under the great economy of China and top technological innovation in R&D of Israeli companies. Also, I truly believe the co-creation can ignite opportunities. I look forward to the cooperation of the two countries in the future.”


In addition to Ambassador Heifetz, the Summit featured an extensive list of keynote speakers and influential government representatives. Mr. Sagi Karni, Consul General of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau, and Mr. Allen Yeung, Chief Information Officer of Hong Kong, conferred that with Israel’s technological innovations and China’s vast investment base, ties between the two countries will help both to reach even higher grounds on the global stage. Other speakers on behalf of Clal Industries, CyberPort and YIDA Advisory Board, HSBC Group, Nan Fung Group, and Neusoft, also gave a detailed discussion and analysis on different aspects of cross-border collaborations between Israel and China.


Presentations from participating companies were given in the afternoon session so that participants can experience the advanced technologies first-hand. Highlights include a demonstration by ReWalk Robotics, at which a patient who was told "never walk again", stood up and walked through the stage. Mixed.Place also gave a demonstration on their augmented-reality (AR) technology. In addition, a panel discussion by representatives of Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund, Radiant Venture Capital and Mindwoks Ventures shared the advantages of investing in Israeli tech with the audiences.


The fact that this was an investment summit brought special attention to the difference between entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and Israel. Recognised as "The Start-up Nation", Israel is a cradle for budding entrepreneurs. Innovation and starting new businesses is part of daily life in Israel. Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong could take the chance to learn from Israel.


The Summit gathers representatives from promising and breakthrough Israeli companies from nine key categories, namely Fintech, Cleantech, AI & robotics, Mobile & Internet, Industrial Applications, AR & VR, Life Science, Data Science, and Auto Tech. Participating companies to note included Stratasys Ltd., eyeSight Technologies, ReWalk Robotics, and Eco Fusion, all are leading players in the field with cutting-edge technologies. Attending investors could set up B2B meetings on spot with any participating companies to discuss and discover new business potentials brought by technological advancements.


A two-day conference will be held in Zhuhai on June 27-28, following the events in Hong Kong. Similar to the Summit, the Zhuhai counterpart will feature several plenaries, keynote speakers, company presentations, prearranged B2B meetings, catered lunch, networking, and more.

Latest Update:
26 th June, 2017