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21 st June, 2021


APEC Business Travel card

(APEC Business Travel Card)

Study abroad projects: fine service


Permanent residence Card program: Get a green card in one step without immigration supervision

250,000 euros purchase, one step to get permanent residence, one person to apply, three generations of income. In July 2015, Greece amended the immigration act, which stipulates that as long as investors buy real estate projects of 250,000 euros or more in Greece, they can obtain the Greek "INVESTOR PERMANENT RESIDENCEPERMIT" (INVESTOR PERMANENT RESIDENCEPERMIT) issued by the Greek government, and get the status in one step.


Ireland investment Residence Scheme

Malta, known as the "Little Britain of Europe", also uses English as its official language. Cost-effective projects.

Investment can be divided into two ways: rent and purchase:

1. Government Contribution:

Renting: 58,000 euros donated; How to buy: 28,000 euros for donation.

2. Charitable Donation:

Donate 2,000 euros to a local non-profit organization.

3. Real estate Investment:

(Five years of ownership) Purchase -- more than 350,000 Euros in the main island of Malta and more than 300,000 euros in The Island of Gozo/southern Malta; Rent - more than 12,000 Euros/year in Malta, more than 10,000 euros/year in Gozo/Southern Malta.


Passport project: enjoy the rights and interests of citizenship

$250,000 home, family passports in one move.

Investment requirements: Purchase one or more properties in Turkey with a net value of at least $250,000.

Exit mechanism: the purchased property can be sold after three years (note: the net value of the property is subject to the appraisal price issued by the Turkish real estate appraisal agency.)

The principal applicant, spouse and children under the age of 18 can obtain Turkish citizenship at the same time as the principal applicant.


Montenegro Property immigration project

If you buy real estate or funds worth more than 350,000 euros in Portugal, three generations of a family will get the "Portugal Golden Residence visa", which will allow you to become a citizen or transfer to permanent residence after five years.

Choose one of three investment methods:

First, 350,000 euros to buy a property with a building age of more than 30 years or located in an urban redevelopment area;

Two, 500,000 euros to buy real estate (new house);

Three, 350,000 euro fund, investment term of at least five years.


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Latest Update:
21 st June, 2021