Porda Havas live platform create a new model of cross-border international roadshows to help companies get closer to investors
Latest Update:
19 th November, 2021

From the successful IPO of the first company to the annual service of more than 100 IPO projects. For 25 years, Porda Havas has been exploring how to provide better service to customers.

In 2020, an epidemic called "New Coronary Pneumonia" swept across the country, and the whole of China was united to fight the epidemic. Affected by this, on March 23, 2020, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange launched an online listing ceremony called "Cloud Knocking", which for the first time replaced the on-site listing ceremony with an online video. In just one year, with the promotion of the "cloud knocking gong" model, the cloud live broadcast model has become more and more popular.
On September 1, 2021, the largest financial service provider in Greater China, Boda Havas International Financial Communication Group (hereinafter referred to as Boda Havas) officially launched the financial live broadcast platform - Boda Cloud. As a more professional financial live broadcast service platform in the industry, Boda Cloud was launched to provide customers with better financial live broadcast services.
Specifically, Boda Cloud is a one-stop cross-border roadshow solution launched by Boda Havas. It is a comprehensive financial cloud live broadcast service platform based on Polyway video cloud technology. The Boda cloud platform covers voice and video live broadcast, electronic invitation letter production, document upload, PPT synchronization, interactive Q&A, video playback, PC and mobile dual terminal participation and many other functions. At the same time, with its excellent configuration and scalability, Boda Cloud can adapt to various scenarios from mobile phone live broadcast in the civilian field to live broadcast of high-end radio and television events through different combinations of microservices.
According to the relevant person in charge of Boda Haohua, the original intention of launching Boda Cloud is to see that under the influence of the epidemic, the proportion of online ceremonies is gradually increasing, and some existing live broadcast service providers cannot meet the needs of professional financial live broadcast very well. Therefore, Boda Haohua launched its own professional financial live broadcast service.
Industry insiders pointed out that although live video streaming is not uncommon in the field of financial and customs services, other companies mostly rely on third-party suppliers to do this, but it is still rare in the industry for financial and customs companies to set up their own professional financial live broadcast platforms. This has benchmarking significance for creating a more professional finance and customs service culture.
For customers, its significance is not only reflected in the level of "one more live video channel".
First, compared with the traditional third-party supplier video live broadcast, the Boda cloud platform system is more stable, and the image quality output is still stable even in a weak network environment. And has a certain anti-peeping properties.
Second, when customers choose a financial live broadcast platform, they should understand the service provider behind it, and whether the service provider is legal and compliant, which also affects the security of live broadcast data.
For Boda Haohua, the launch of Boda Cloud, a financial live broadcast platform, not only reflects the company's responsibility to be a more professional financial service provider, but also reflects the company's business development and innovation capabilities.
Mr. Zhang Liren, founder and chairman of Boda Havas International Financial Communication Group, believes that the launch of the "Boda Cloud" live broadcast service seems simple, but requires a strong professional team and huge customer resources to support it. Boda Havas can launch Boda Cloud in the industry, fully interpreting and demonstrating its consistent philosophy and determination to always provide better services to customers.
As a financial service provider, the original intention of Boda Haohua Company is to formulate customized brand promotion plans for customers, and to establish and create an excellent brand and image in the capital market. This also means that Poda Havas must continue to launch service projects that are more in line with customers and the market. Its new business model must meet the better needs of users as the core, put professional attitude and technical ability in front, optimize service items from the source, and finally realize the perfect combination of new business and customer base.
In a word, the launch of Boda Cloud live broadcast service will definitely provide more imagination space for the financial service field and the sustainable development of Boda Haohua.

Latest Update:
19 th November, 2021